Effective ingredients to boost your immune system

We usually go to doctors and hospitals for various reasons. Do you know, most of the people pay frequent visits to the doctors and hospitals for common cold and flu. You must have heard that some of the people suffer from the headache, itching, watery eyes, painful joints just because of the changes in climate and weather conditions. It does not mean that you are ill but it completely points out the compromised immune system.

As the immune system and immunity play an important role in the overall well being of the human, so having a strong immune system is necessary for everyone. A lot of people have the supplements so as to boost their immunity. You can also choose the Chinese herbal “Hua Laksiam” [ฮั้วลักเซียม, which are the term in Thai] for boosting your immunity.

Anyway, let us know about the important and commonly found ingredients which can definitely help you to boost your immunity.


It is the best and most commonly found ingredient in this world. Some people knew the usage of turmeric in the kitchen only but it has a lot more to offer to the people for improving their health. It is also considered as the immunity booster. Because of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in treating the flu and common cold-like problems.

Black pepper:

Do you know, black pepper is used in conjunction with the turmeric and it has wonderful effects on the immune system of our body? The anti-inflammatory properties remain absorbed within the human body while taking the black pepper along with turmeric.


Though it is difficult to find it as a whole product you can easily find the extracts of bilberry. In simple words, it is not less than a magic for the eyes. It helps in adapting the eyes to the changes in the light. With this extract, the night vision can be improved. It is also known for immunity-boosting properties, improves blood sugar levels and maintains the balance as well.

If you are in the middle of your age, you should take the above-mentioned ingredients so as to have a better immune system and better and healthy body.

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