Maui Jim Sunglasses and Their Help in Protection Your Eyes

There are a ton of good sunglasses on the market, but how can you tell if they are what you need to protect your eyes from the sun? A good brand is Maui Jim sunglasses as they are among the few brands that are patented in the United States for their lenses filtering sunlight. These are 100 percent polarized featuring a special filter that enhances clarity and color.

UV rays

The harmful effects of UV rays on the skin have become well known, but many individuals do not know what cumulative damage causes do to the eyes can cause real harm. Long-term exposure can lead to eye disorders like:

  • Snow blindness
  • Cataracts
  • Skin cancer

Even exposure short-term to reflections or glare can burn the front surfaces of the lens of the eyes. Good sunglasses should block out 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB radiation.


The way sunglasses fit goes a long way to protecting the eyes. A pair of a well-fitting set of sunglasses needs to fit snugly while not being too uncomfortable by being too tight. The center of the eyes needs to line up with the center of the lenses.


The shape of sunglasses matter and are available in many shapes such as aviator, wayfarer, and wrap around styles. The shapes do not really have any effect on the amount of sun they block out.


The type of plastic in sunglasses and lens matter, most strong plastics are less likely to shatter or break and injure the eye. Polycarbonate is good as they are both lightweight and durable and commonly being used in both lenses and frames.

Maui Jim

These sunglasses feature a 2-year warranty and are the largest stocked by dealers in the metropolitan New York area. There are over 250 styles that are always stocked.

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