American Hemp Co

American Hemp Co is a family-owned company founded in 2009 and is, “grown, harvested, extracted, and processed in Colorado. Their testament is that their product is the solution for, “stress, anxiety, and insomnia.” While this might seem impossible to most, American Hemp Co makes it a reality.

 By using a special Liposomal formula, it opens a new world on how hemp extract can be used. As stated on their website, the Liposomal formula allows all the hemp extract to be released and absorbed. As opposed to there formulas that only allow a fraction of it to be released and created less surface area for the hemp extract to target.

Not only does the new formula help with stress and anxiety, but it also helps with the digestive system. In order for this to work, American Hemp Co uses sunflower oil to help. Once the sunflower oil is ingested, the hemp extracts move smoothly through the digestive system. This allows the CBD to be fully absorbed, which results in reducing inflammation for the digestive system as well as joints.

American Hemp Co promises that their experience is nothing that you have ever tried and they have the reviews to prove it!

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