How to Use a Straightener Properly to Your Hair

All products, especially electronic items, have proper instructions or steps to follow for them to be useful and safe for the end-users. Here are some tips or guidelines to use a hair straightener to your hair or to someone you straight the hair for.

Here is the guide you help when using a hair straightener at home:

#1. Wash your hair

Washing hair before straightening session is a must to remove dirt, dust, and residues of shampoo, conditioner, gel, and other things we use for styling the hair. It must need to do before using any hair tools to your hair beauty. Different hair types need a different procedure, but all hair needs to wash before using tools. You can read this guide for thick hair care.

#2. Blow-dry

Use hair blower to dry the hair faster than just combing and using a towel on it. A few minutes of blow-drying will do until you feel it is slightly damp or almost dry. Also, by blow-drying, you already start the straightening process without realizing it.

#3. Comb your hair

Brushing or combing the hair removes all hair tangles and makes it easy for you to work on straightening your locks. Tangled hair before straightening will give you crimps and knots on your hair. That is a no-no!

#4. Apply protectant

Argan oil is an excellent example of natural heat protectant. Heat protectant must be sprayed onto the entire hair and brush it once again to distribute the protectant evenly. Heat protectant is easily absorbed by damp hair.

#5. Finish drying

A few more dryer and brush strokes, before finally starting to straighten your hair. Just make sure the hair is completely dry. You are ironing the hair while wet or damp may cause burning and damaging the hair.

#6. Set the hair iron

Set the temperature of the best hair straightener for your type of hair. For fine hair, set it at a lower temperature. For curly or coarse hair, the higher the temperature, the faster will be the straightening time. Remember, if you already put heat protectant for your hair, do not set the flat iron at very high temperature.

No matter what type of hair you are going to straighten, preheat for three to five minutes. Use the lowest heat setting for fine and thin hair. Use medium heat (150-177°C) for hair with average thickness. Use high heat for thick and coarse hair (200-232°C). Here is the list of top hair straightener on the market today that can help you to choose the best one!

#7. Section of your hair

Take a little section of the hair and put that section onto the flat iron. Slowly pull the flat iron down while giving force enough to run it down over the hair smoothly. You may want to start from the bottom of the hair to top or vice versa.

Final Word

Straightening hair is common to work who loved their hair, but it must need to know a few essential tips to do it better for you. I mention some vital thing above to you that can help to get the proper style to hair.

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