I Took Adipex for Weight Loss And This Is What Happened

Like so many other people in the world today, I struggled to lose weight. As I watched the number on the scale go up and up, despite all of my efforts to diet and exercise, I knew that I needed to do something more to get to the target weight that would help me rest assured that my health was in balance. So, I went to my doctor. Sure, I expected him to tell me that I was severely overweight, but I was shocked to find out that I was categorized as obese!

Once that shock wore off, my doctor assured me that there were options that I could try in order to make losing weight easier. Of course, we immediately began discussing prescription diet pills that might work for me, and he suggested trying Adipex diet pills. I trusted him, so he went ahead and gave me a prescription.

Below is a short review of Adipex based on my experiences, both positive and negative, while taking these pills. Please just keep in mind that, while this was my experience with Adipex, yours might be completely different. Everybody is unique and, therefore, will respond to medication in different ways.

First, My Positive Experience with Adipex

Adipex was really easy for me to incorporate into my routine, so I was happy about that. I knew, thanks to my doctor, that these pills do come with the risk of side effects and addiction, so I made sure to only take the prescribed dose—not more, not less.

One thing that I definitely noticed while I was taking Adipex was the fact that I didn’t feel nearly as hungry as I usually did throughout the day. I found myself snacking way less often, and even when I sat down for a meal, I filled up more quickly than usual. This allowed me to consume a much lower number of calories, which is exactly what I needed help with.

My doctor had advised me to eat a healthy, balanced diet, while also following an exercise schedule that combined cardio and strength training. So, of course, I was doing that as well while taking Adipex. Combined with the appetite suppression, I was able to burn more calories, thanks to my exercise routine.

Now, My Negative Experience with Adipex

Despite the positive effects that I experienced while taking Adipex, I ultimately had to stop taking this diet pill. It’s unfortunate, but I was one of the many patients who ended up experiencing side effects. So, the positive effects of Adipex on my diet and weight loss journey were temporary.

After I was taking the pills for a couple of weeks, I started to feel some of the common side effects associated with Adipex, like palpitations and insomnia, along with digestive issues like constipation and nausea. I was so uncomfortable that stopping the use of these pills was a relief!

The Path I Chose to Take Instead

When I experienced Adipex side effects, I realized that I didn’t want to risk that again with another prescription diet pill. Adipex helped me get on track, to a degree, but I talked to my doctor about other diet pills that might be better for me, and that I could buy over the counter. We settled on FENFAST 375, and it’s been helping me immensely with staying focused enough to eat right and having the energy to exercise. I haven’t reached my target weight yet, but I can say I’m getting there!

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