How to Protect Feet for the Diabetic While at Home

Why is the health of feet vitally important for those with diabetes? The major reason is a problem referred to as neuropathy: it’s a disorder often linked to diabetes causing problems in the feet. Specialists say that the higher sugar level in the blood damages the small blood vessels that supply blood to the peripheral nerves. On a wider body level, it can also affect motor as well as autonomic nerves, which means that in theory, it can reach all organs and systems affected with the nerves. But the feet seem to be the areas that are affected first.

Foot health

The feet are important to those who have diabetes. Neuropathy in the foot causes:

  • Tingling
  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Numbness

Neuropathy also causes other problems such as ulcers and infections, blisters, and sores that can appear on the numb areas of the feet and go unnoticed because of the loss of sensitivity. These open the door for infections caused by bacteria. In fact, when proper foot hygiene is not followed, some diabetics end up with having to have the foot removed.

Help for diabetics

The way to avoid any of these complications is to maintain strict sugar-level control. Next is foot hygiene, regular visits with specialists and the wearing of adapted footwear such as:

  • Diabetic socks
  • Diabetic shoes
  • Diabetic slippers

Women’s diabetic slippers

Git-up has a pair of women diabetic slippers that can be read about at These slippers are:

  • Classic looking
  • Knitted uppers that are breathable
  • Thickened cushioning for greater support
  • Hook and loop design that makes them more adjustable and flexible
  • Rubber soles that are durable and slip resistant

Other footwear

There are also slippers that are made by other companies that offer the same help with women or men who suffer from diabetes. These slippers are great for keeping your feet comfortable and protected when at home.

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