Meditation by Camilla Romes

Would you like to be happy every day; or more productive at work and at home; have a mind that is just a bit sharper than many others? Would you like a mind that is focused on one clear purpose in life? Stop worrying about everything and rather live life to its fullest?

Successful people

People like this are the most successful people in life as they achieve their purpose and goals by remaining focused. But how do they do this – be determined and know always what their purpose is? These are the people that others love to be around – how do they become this way?

The answer

According to the author Camilla Romes, the answer is simple meditation and she has written an e-book on just this. This is a mind and body practice that originated in some ancient religions and spiritual traditions.


A habit of daily meditation will set you apart from other people. And it does not take all day but only 5 minutes every day is enough to experience these benefits. By developing this tiny habit, you will have the clarity to concentrate on what is the most important thing in your life. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to meditate
  • Various types of meditation
  • Choosing the right type of meditation for yourself
  • Choosing the best time to meditate

Many benefits

This book lists the many benefits of meditation and their importance – such as:

  • Improving focus
  • Better management of stress, depression, and anger
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Creation of self-confidence
  • Rest and sleep that is better
  • Less desire

All these not only help you have a more focused life but also lead to much better health.

The book

On Meditation by Camilla Romes can be found on Amazon Kindle Store and can be read for free or purchased for only $0.99. This can lead you to other books on meditation and can lead you also to a better and more productive life.

The book could lead you to an entirely different way of life than you are now living.

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