Bamboo Pillows and How They Help Hot-Sleepers Be More Comfortable

Are you a hot sleeper – one who feels hotter than most at night. Hot sleepers have a higher body temperature while sleeping causing hot flashes and irritability. This is a problem that can also lead to sleep deficiency. Hot sleepers will have more discomfort with a bedroom that is not well-ventilated as well as sheets and pillows that are not breathable. A good pillow for a hot sleeper is the bamboo pillow.


When shopping for the best bamboo pillow, here are some points to keep in mind and that is the type. Bamboo pillows come in three main types all based on the filling:

  • Solid
  • Gel-infused
  • Shredded

Solid memory foam

Solid memory foam has a single-piece base of foam wrapped in bamboo fabric. This is popular as it contours to the shape of the body which reduces pressure points. But solid memory pillows are hot to sleep on, and if you are a hot sleeper, this will just make your problem worse. Although when paired with a cover that is breathable, these pillows can be to some extent workable.

Foam shredded

These pillows, unlike solid memory, are made of bits of memory foam rather than a total slab. These tiny pieces add breathability and many hot sleepers will be happy with this type of bamboo pillow. Another benefit of the shredded pillows is its adjustability, making it easier to modify the pillow to suit a sleeper’s inclination.


This is another bamboo pillow that is great for hot sleepers. It is shredded memory foam but has cooling gel added to make it more comfortable to sleep on. It is also soft and adjustable – features of the memory foam.


Make sure that the pillow you are going to buy is CertiPUR US-certified or have passed other standards. This will guarantee that the pillow does not have any chemicals that are harmful.

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