How Braces Can Help Build Self Esteem

Having a healthy self-esteem is critical for overall well being and your outlook on life.  It is the way you perceive yourself and how you establish your own self-worth. For children and teens, positive self-esteem is vital for their mental and emotional development and social happiness as they grow. However, when there are certain physical features, such as crooked teeth, it can negatively affect their self-esteem in detrimental ways. People who are insecure about their smiles often try to hide them, such as covering their mouth when laughing or smiling with their lips closed.

The great thing about this is that there is a universal solution to this problem. Dentists typically recommend braces for kids because they are a great way to enhance your smile and correct teeth crookedness, overbites, and jaw positioning. Since your smile is one of the first features other people see when they look at you, having a smile you are proud of can strongly improve your self-esteem.

Conducted Study Findings

Scientists and psychologists have long questioned if braces really do in fact affect self-esteem or not.  In order to find the solution, there have been numerous studies performed on this topic. Most studies that have been conducted have found a strong link between smiles and self-esteem.

In a society which focuses strongly on physical features, it is easy to understand why people would be self-conscious about an imperfect smile. For example, one study conducted by the Invisalign creators, which is a braces alternative corrective solution using clear and removable aligners instead, found that 50% of participants viewed people with straighter teeth as more attractive, intelligent, and successful. This finding could be due to the fact that people who are happy with the way they look usually illuminate more confidence and higher self-esteem. Though this is merely subjective, it can negatively alter people’s views on themselves if they do not have straight teeth. Because of this reason, it is safe to say that braces are a great way to help self-esteem just by modifying teeth structure.

Benefits of Braces

In addition to braces being a self-esteem booster, they also beneficial in supporting other essential roles, such as

  • Improved teeth health, stability, and function
  • Reduce the risk of gum and tooth decay
  • Reduce the risk of tooth loss

Even though braces assist with these aspects and provide long-term oral health, the main reason that people get them is to seek out straighter teeth for aesthetic purposes.


Getting braces is an easy fix to help you feel much better and secure about yourself. Even the process of wearing them can encourage you because you know that your teeth are getting straighter. The way you view yourself is so important because it shapes the way you act. The happier and more confident you are, the more likely you will try new things and experience life to the fullest. Children, teens, and even adults can benefit from braces to help improve their smiles, which in turn results in better self-esteem.

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