All You Need To Understand About the Uresta

It’s a reusable gadget which is usually inserted into the vagina; its bell shape is designed to tenderly press alongside the vaginal wall, supporting the urethra and thus reduce leaks.

It comes in five sizes, and choosing the best one for you is essential to make sure it operates properly. The Uresta Starter Pack available in size three, four as well as five—they are the most used ones.

It’s relaxed, secure, easy-to-use style enables you to be comfortable and appreciate living and never having to bother about leaks.

You should use it all day long or perhaps for unique actions, relying on your own needs.
You should use it day-to-day for an entire year before an upgraded is required. That is good information for the surroundings and for the budget!

Why It Operates

  • The tapered end allows hassle-free insertion of this gadget to the vagina
  • Bell-shape aid the urethra muscle, thus preventing any leakage of urine
  • The holder enables you to quickly and easily place it to your virgin
  • You can purchase it and insert it without any help!

Why you are able to confidence Uresta

It is clinically tried; it is certified by the FDA and CE. It is designed using a medically certified thermoplastic elastomer. More so, it is plastic as well as latex-free. Above all, it is thoroughly tested for biocompatibility.

What you need to know about Uresta

Don’t make use of this bladder if you’re not 18 years and above, pregnant or after undergoing oral surgery. You should not make use of it during sexual intercourse or while menstruating.


It efficiently aids in preventing bladder loss brought on by joking, leaping, operating, sneezing, coughing—whatever sets strain on your own pelvic muscles. Nearly all users of this product are always pleased with how properly it stops the leakage.

The content and opinions included in this article are intended for informational purposes only and has been sponsored by Uresta

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