What To Expect In A Pack While Purchasing Smok Novo Pods In A Kit

With the growing popularity of vape pods these days, all the major companies have at least one item lined up for the next big launch. After gaining quite some popularity with the Badge and the pen-styled one, now the manufacturers are looking to create a more compact and slick device as smok novo pods to try out. The size is pretty small and can easily fit even the compact of all pockets. With a decent battery life and used for both direct lung vaping and mouth-to-lung ones, this item is one that you might want to watch out for.

What to get in a pack:

The product comes in a small black cardboard box, which will have the picture of the pod right at the front of it. Along with it, you will receive a clear description of the product along with the items available to make this kit possible. Then you have some usual warnings, on back, which you must not overlook. You will receive the sticker talking about company information and even the scratch and check stickers, right at the side of the box. Inside the box, you will have a battery, two refillable pods, a user manual, and a short micro USB cable.

Two pods in one pack:

As these packs come handy with two pods that make this firm the biggest choice among the masses and way ahead of their competitors. Even though it is the industrial norm to present two pods in a pack, there are still maximum companies only offering one. The smok pods are thoroughly checked for their functionalities and will offer you with the decent help, as and when asked for. The design along with the quality build of the items is just perfect, and you could try one out. Check out the options available before making a call.

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