Interesting Facts and Benefits of Vaping Weed

Do you want to drop smoking cigarettes? Are you considering vaping weed instead? Do you want to know what benefits you will get from vaping weed?

Around 13.7% of US adults 18 years of age or older are current cigarette smokers. Yet, cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable diseases and death in the US. If you want to drop the risks of smoking but you’re already addicted to it, switching to vaping is a good idea.

Yet, you may be wondering why vape weed at all. Below, we’ve got a list of the benefits of vaping weed. Keep reading to learn why it’s better for you to vape weed rather than smoke cigarettes.

1. Vaping Isn’t as Harmful as Smoking

Let’s begin talking about the health benefits of vaping weed vs. smoking with how harmful each one is. Cigarettes have tar in them, and the tar contains poisons. When you inhale these poisons from your cigarettes, they enter your blood.

When the poisons enter your blood, it grows thicker, which increases blood pressure. Because of that, your heart will be working double time. Also, when your arteries narrow, less oxygen circulates through your organs.

You may also experience coughs, colds, wheezing, and asthma from smoking cigarettes. This is only the beginning. When it gets worse, you can develop pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. The worst you can get is COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Vaping also carries particles and chemicals into your lungs. Make no doubt about it: vaping can still cause harm. However, it’s better than smoking, which can kill you faster. In the same vein, smoking weed can be more harmful than vaping it.

2. With Vaping, You Avoid Second-Hand and Third-Hand Smoke

Another one of the benefits of vaping weed is that it leaves no residue or odors. When you vape, you get more control over the output of the vape. Other than it doesn’t carry tar into your environment, it can help keep your vaping low-key.

This is useful for those who want to vape but don’t want other people to know about it. None of the smells will stick to the furniture or the walls. You only have to be careful about the clouds your vape produces while you’re vaping.

You may already know about second-hand smoking. It’s when people around get exposed to the nicotine and tar from the cigarettes you use, even when they don’t smoke. Third-hand smoke is when the chemical residue from cigarettes gets left in furniture, walls, and curtains.

3. Vaping CBD Can Treat Anxiety

Many smokers use the action of smoking to calm down. Yet, let’s look at the facts around smoking vs. vaping weed. You can treat anxiety better with CBD products.

CBD vape oils can reduce your stress levels and anxiety. Anxiety can emerge for a variety of reasons. CBD reduces anxiety from fear-related memories, public speaking tests, and social anxiety disorder.

Are you considering vaping CBD oils to help with your anxieties? You don’t need to pay the full price for the first time. Check out these CBD oil promo codes now.

4. You Can Sleep Better When You Vape Weed

Did you know that one night of sleep deprivation can increase your anxiety levels by up to 30%? Remember that your brain and body need rest to function well. If you have a hard time sleeping, it can lead to more activity in your amygdala, the center of fear and anxiety.

Another one of the health benefits of vaping weed is helping you sleep better. As we mentioned, vaping CBD can ease your stresses and anxieties. It relaxes your mind, which promotes better sleep.

5. Benefits of Vaping Weed Includes Easing Pains

This is one of the best benefits of vaping weed over smoking. Vaping weed can give you comfort from your pains and aches. Whereas smoking does the opposite and causes them.

Do you have chronic pains that often keep you from giving your best? Does your arthritis often inhibit you from your hobbies or interests? Vaping cannabidiol or CBD can help ease that pain.

Vaping CBD is also more effective than ingesting CBD. When you vape, your body absorbs high amounts of CBD faster, giving you instantaneous relief. When you ingest CBD gummies, the effect gets lessened because your digestive juices destroy a good part of it.

6. It’s Good for Your Heart Health

As we mentioned, smoking can make your heart work harder to keep the blood flowing. Vaping weed doesn’t do that but the opposite, rather. CBD relaxes the blood vessels, which improves blood flow and protects the heart.

Vaping also doesn’t cause plaque buildup in arteries. It reduces them, which helps repair the damage caused by smoking. Smokers who switched to vaping saw 1.5% better blood vessel function and lesser heart risk.

7. Vaping Can Save You Money

Did you know that vaping is more affordable than smoking? Thanks to more states legalizing marijuana, it’s also becoming more accessible. Now, you can get vape pens and CBD vape oils from your local dispensary.

Vape devices also last a long time. All you’ll need is to make sure you maintain and recharge it, and you can use it for years. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying lighters, rolling papers, or flowers.

8. What to Consider Before Smoking Weed

Before you hop online and look for CBD oil, consider the legality of weed in your state first. Remember that, so far, only 11 states allow marijuana for recreational use. That also covers CBD and THC vaping oils.

You may also be wondering why we’ve been throwing around the terms CBD and THC. CBD and THC are two of the many compounds in marijuana and hemp that affect people. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

CBD is the compound with more medical uses. Cannabidiol comes from the Cannabis sativa plant or hemp. Studies around it show that it can help with cancer, anxiety, stress, pain, and sleep deprivation.

If vaping weed is legal in your state, you still need to learn the basics of using and maintaining a vaping device.

Smoke Less, Vape More

That ends our list of the facts and benefits of vaping weed. We hope you found this guide helpful in deciding what you need to do about your habit. We also hope you learned a lot from this guide.

Do you want to learn more about CBD and THC? Feel free to check out our other content for other informative guides like this.

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