20 Surprising Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Massage practice started years ago and it still is used in the modern era as therapy as well. With the research in this field, more than 80 styles are available in which you can get a massage. Well, the generalized view of massaging is rubbing, pressing the muscles and other tissues of the body to relieve pains and cramps with ...

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Thai Massage and its Benefits and available spa center in Delhi

Thai massage is an ancient Ayurveda massage, you can say yoga Thai massage. Thai massage includes some Ayurveda oils, yoga postures and healing of therapist. This is a traditional form of massage meant to cure any pain of the body. All kinds of massage meant to relax your nerves and muscles and cheer a person’s mood. Some modern sensuous massage ...

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How can massage help rejuvenate your body?

The modern life, the traffic, the pollution, our food habits and the hectic work schedules take a toll on our physical as well as mental health. We are so busy that we often tend to neglect our bodies. Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits lead to deterioration of our health. As a result, our productivity also declines with time. To ...

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