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Some of the Benefits of Caffeine to Your Skin and Hair

Caffeine is one of the most common household items found in homes. People can’t function without caffeine whether if it’s from coffee, diet water or any other caffeinated drink. Well there are other uses to caffeine other than consuming it. It has proven to be beneficial and can be included in skin and hair care routines at home. It is ...

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Can hair transplant create new Hairline?

Usually, our hair goes through three main phases of their cycle which include the anagen or the growth stage, catagen or the transition stage, and third one telogen or the resting stage. The resting age is the time when hair fall starts and growth stops. Most of the hair getting into rest mode leads to excessive hair loss resulting in ...

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FUE Hair Transplant: A Brief Overview of Procedure and Results

Hair fall is not an uncommon peril of human lives. As you know how important it is to look good as you are first judged by your physical presence. Hair is one among the most important things that makes you beautiful. But with hair fall and baldness, the confidence and the good looks seems to wash away. There are several ...

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