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Role of the Human Growth Hormone in Treating Arthritis

Aging brings in many biological changes in our body. These changes cause muscle and bone changes that can result in a number of health problems. Arthritis is one such problem that arises in adults causing pain and discomfort. Many studies have proved the link between HGH or Human Growth Hormone and arthritis. Produced by the pituitary gland HGH is a ...

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Birth control pills: How do they work?

Birth control pills are not only the most modern but also the most effective method of contraception. If they are taken strictly as prescribed by gynecologist and without missing doses, these pills provide 98-100{fb9a4be0d6494174e6be9660e119e25a878ea9b5c7f2169440a84f81fc131373} effectiveness in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Detailed information about various types of birth control pills can be found on http://www.drugs-med.com So how do these pills work? Actually, ...

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